Why You Need to Have a Generator Before a Storm Hits


Why You Need to Have a Generator Before a Storm Hits

With daily life more dependent on the grid than ever, it’s extremely important to install a backup or portable generator if you are worried about storms. We’ve all experienced a rolling blackout in the middle of the summer, and it’s never fun when the power suddenly goes out. But when that thunder hits and the ensuing outage causes you to lose valuable data, or disables a necessary medical device, the results can be devastating. Keep reading to learn why you need to have a generator before a storm hits, courtesy of our expert electricians at Pro Energy Solutions.

The Top 5 Benefits of Having a Generator

  1. Fast Results: By purchasing a portable generator, you can restore power by hooking your device up and flipping a simple switch. Moreover, today’s modern backup generators are more reliable than ever, turning on automatically as soon as an outage is detected. In today’s uncertain world, it’s not enough to rely on candles and luck in the middle of an outage. By purchasing a portable or automatic standby generator, you’ll be able to increase your safety and protect your home no matter how bad that storm gets outside.
  2. Long-Lasting Power: A portable generator can run several days at a time if you have the proper fuel. Meanwhile, an automatic standby generator can power your home for weeks and offers safe operation, free from the threat of carbon monoxide. While you may be able to get by in the dark a few hours without power, when a truly nasty storm strikes, you’re going to want long-lasting electrical support, and that’s exactly what you get from a quality generator.
  3. Consistent Coverage: Today’s cutting-edge generators can be sized to fit virtually any property, so you always get a unit that fits your electrical needs. Modern generators are also more energy-efficient, so you can power your home for longer without making an unforgivable dent in your electrical bill.
  4. Weatherproof Protection: If you go with a backup generator, it will come equipped with large, insulated housing that’s designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions.
  5. Peace of Mind: Ultimately, the best thing about purchasing a new generator is simply the reassurance it gives you should disaster strikes. With so many storms and other events that have threatened homeowners’ safety in recent years, installing a generator is a great way to provide long-lasting peace of mind, guaranteeing that your home and family will always have the power they need, no matter what happens.

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