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Geothermal Services in New Jersey

Consider Installing a Geothermal System in Your Home

Traditional HVAC systems include equipment like furnaces, boilers, and central air conditioning. For many homeowners looking for a renewable alternative to these traditional options, geothermal is the way to go. Harnessing energy stored right under our feet, geothermal systems can heat or cool your house by drawing power from the ground. These systems are extremely energy efficient, and are a great choice for any homeowner trying to become more environmentally conscious.
Here at Pro Energy Solutions, we are proud to offer top-of-the-line geothermal services in New Jersey. As our name already tells you, we are literally pro-energy—meaning we will do whatever we can to help you conserve energy costs while still getting the most out of your home comfort systems. Call today for a team backed by nearly 40 years of experience, and let our heating and cooling experts take your comfort up a notch.
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How Do Geothermal Systems Work?

Geothermal systems use the consistent temperature below the earth’s surface to keep your home comfortable. This is different from most air-source heating and cooling systems, which use the air all around you to heat or cool your home. While some geothermal systems use a conventional air handler and ductwork, these are connected to an underground “earth loop,” which absorbs and dissolves thermal energy when the system is in operation. The systems that do this are called ground-source heat pumps, and they simply differ from air-source heat pumps by using renewable thermal energy rather than forced air.
The other main type of geothermal systems are radiant heating systems. This type of equipment pulls heat from the ground and uses it to warm your house through radiators, panels, copper baseboards, or in-floor piping. As opposed to using your home’s air supply, radiant heating takes the thermal energy from the ground and heats objects in your home directly, which then gives off warmth to you.
Pro Energy Solutions is proud to offer the following geothermal services:

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Contact Pro Energy Solutions to make the switch to a geothermal system today and get exceptional warranties on a range of equipment. We are proud to offer rebates and financing options as well, so all of our customers can get the energy-efficient service they need at a price they can afford. Our family owned and operated business is committed to strengthening our community, and offering green energy solutions wherever possible. We even provide 24/7 service for emergencies, because we are committed to always being there for you. Best of all, we guarantee 100% satisfaction—if our customers aren’t satisfied, then neither our we!
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