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New Jersey Electrical Services

Our Certified Electricians Can Do It All

Home electrical repairs can be dangerous. Even something as seemingly simple as replacing an electrical outlet can expose you to the risk of an electrical shock. If you are having trouble with your home’s electrical system, or if you need electrical repair, it is best to work with a professional New Jersey electrician. At Pro Energy Solutions, all of our electricians are fully licensed and insured and have all gone through background checks. We have the knowledge, skill, and experience to tackle any electrical repair or installation job.
To learn more about our electrical services in New Jersey, contact Pro Energy Solutions at 855-518-4822.

We Offer a Full Range of Electrical Services

Many people are unaware of how much an electrician can do. From installing lighting fixtures to full-scale electrical design for your new construction or remodel project, our New Jersey electricians can keep your home up and running. They can also help you keep on top of the health of your electrical system with routine inspections and service upgrades. Having a trusted electrician on hand can help you get the most out of your home. With every service, our aim is to improve upon the functionality and safety of your home while also increasing your energy efficiency.
Our electrical services in New Jersey include:
One of the most important categories of services an electrician provides is service upgrades. Service upgrades can help you keep your home protected from electrical fires and can ensure that your home’s system can handle new appliances and an increase in technology. From updating wiring to adding outlets, service upgrades keep your home running.
Our New Jersey electricians speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Arabic. Schedule an appointment today by calling 855-518-4822.

Electrical Inspections in New Jersey

Schedule an Appointment with Our Expert Electricians

Did you know that routine electrical inspections can help you protect your home from dangerous electrical fires? Staying on top of the health of your electrical system and performing regular maintenance, including annual electrical inspections, can go a long way in extending the life of your system and protecting your family. At Pro Energy Solutions, all of our electricians in New Jersey are fully insured and licensed by the state. Furthermore, all of our employees go through an extensive background check. When you let one of our electricians into your home to perform an inspection, you can be sure they are trustworthy and that they will treat your home with care and respect.
To schedule an electrical inspection for your New Jersey home, contact Pro Energy Solutions at 855-518-4822.

When to Schedule an Electrical Inspection

The purpose of an electrical inspection is to ensure that your system is in good working order and to identify any weak points or repair issues. Over time, parts wear out, and technology changes. This is why it is essential to have regular electrical inspections. However, many homeowners don’t know when to schedule inspections and put them off.
It is a good idea to schedule an electrical inspection if you are:
Additionally, if your home is older and you can’t remember the last time it was inspected, it is a good idea to go ahead and schedule an inspection. Our New Jersey electrical inspection professionals will look over your system and discuss your concerns with you. If there are repair issues, our electricians can guide you through the process and help you select the products and services that best meet your needs and your budget.

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Emergency Electrical Repairs in New Jersey

New Jersey Electricians Offering Lasting Solutions

You don’t get to choose when your electrical system goes down. Your electrical system keeps your heat on, your fridge running, and your cell phone charged. No matter if it’s Friday night or Sunday afternoon, you cannot wait until Monday to get power back. At Pro Energy Solutions, we know how crucial it is that your power is restored as soon as possible. Our emergency electricians in New Jersey are fully insured and state licensed. With nearly 40 years of experience, we can help you with any electrical repair. We offer 24/7 emergency repairs to all customers. Day or night, we always take your call.
When you need help fast, contact Pro Energy Solutions online or at 855-518-4822.

Why Isn’t My Electrical Outlet Working?

We often take our electrical outlets for granted. But given how much we use them – from powering our appliances to plugging in our chargers- we definitely notice when they don’t work. There are a number of reasons why a power outlet would stop working, all of which Pro Energy Solutions can take care of!
Some reasons for a broken outlet include:
If your electrical outlet stops working, our team is ready to help. Our New Jersey electricians proudly provide electrical repairs to residents throughout New Jersey.

What Constitutes an Electrical Emergency?

While some repair issues can wait a few days to be resolved, if you are dealing with an electrical emergency, you want to call in a professional electrician as soon as possible. Knowing when to call for emergency electrical repair can save you time and money. And it can help you protect your home and your family from a potentially dangerous situation.
Examples of electrical emergencies include:
You should never let an electrical emergency wait. However, identifying a real electrical emergency can be difficult, and many people are hesitant to call for emergency services. If you are experiencing problems with your electrical system, it’s always better safe than sorry. If you are unsure of what to do, always call a professional electrician, like ours at Pro Energy Solutions. We will diagnose your situation and deal with any electrical emergencies.

Generator Installation in New Jersey

Pro Solutions, Every Time

At Pro Energy Solutions, we want to be sure that your home or business is always supported in times of power outage. This is why we provide quality generator installation in New Jersey generator and are backed by nearly 40 years of experience and are fully trained and certified to handle any electrical repair, installation, or maintenance service you may need. We are available for same-day and 24/7 appointments for generator problems that simply cannot wait until tomorrow.
Call Pro Energy Solutions at 855-518-4822 for generator installation services in New Jersey

Do I Need a Generator?

When disaster strikes, you need to be sure you are prepared. Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, ice storms, and more can all disrupt your power supply system. Luckily, generators offer a backup source of power for when your home or business is left in the dark.
The benefits of having a generator for your home include:
When it comes to your business, a generator can keep you up and running during power outages, ensuring no loss of productivity. A generator can keep your computers, HVAC systems, and more running, so your business doesn’t need to stop just because the power does.
Regain peace of mind. Call Pro Energy Solutions at 855-518-4822 today to arrange for a free quote.

Generator Installation in New Jersey

Our Electrical Experts Offer All of the Top-of-the-Line Models You Need

Are you worried that your power may go off during a storm? Concerned because you have sensitive data that could be lost during an outage? Interested in finding a way to protect your home and family from rolling blackouts over the summer?
Luckily for you, there’s a simple solution—Pro Energy Solutions! We offer generator installation in New Jersey from fully trained and certified electricians. Backed by nearly 40 years of collective experience, our electrical team is known for providing exceptional service in Rockaway, Morganville, Mt. Laurel, and surrounding communities. We are a family-owned and operated business, which means we truly care about our community and are committed to going above and beyond for those we serve. And as generator service experts, you can count on us to provide comprehensive repairs for your unit should you ever have any issues with it. In this uncertain world we live in, it never hurts to have a little extra protection. Protect your electrical system by calling Pro Energy Solutions for top-of-the-line New Jersey generators today.
To learn more about what our generator pros can do for you, call 855-518-4822.

Backup Or Portable Generator: Which One Is Right for Me?

When it comes to purchasing a generator, there are two main types of equipment you need to know about: backup generators and portable generators. Backup generators, also known as “standby” generators, are the types of devices most electricians specialize in. However, Pro Energy Solutions offers installations and repairs for portable generators, too
Pro Energy Solutions can provide outstanding options for both:
Portable Generators: Portable generators are a cheaper alternative to backup generators when it comes to purchase and installation. Usually connected to your home’s circuit-breaker panel through a transfer switch, modern portable generators can offer your home almost as much power as a standard backup generator. They also come with built-in outlets to connect corresponding extension cords, in case you do not have a transfer switch. And because they are literally portable, these generators are a good option if you go camping or do a lot of other traveling where you are often in need of an auxiliary power supply. The main drawback of portable generators? They do not work automatically. If your home experiences a power outage, you will need to wheel your portable generator out of storage and connect it via the transfer switch/power cord. Portable generators also are not as reliable as backup generators and are a lot louder when they are running. You also should not get a portable generator if you are looking for a more energy-efficient option, as these devices require a good-sized mixture of gas and fuel stabilizer to keep your electrical system running through an outage.
Backup Generators: Today’s backup generators come equipped with enough power to keep your electrical system running for days or weeks at a time without requiring additional fuel. In addition to being able to sustain you through a power outage, backup generators turn on automatically, so as soon as your power goes off, all you’ll have to do is wait a second and your electrical system will start working once again. Backup generators are also weatherproof, i.e. you’ll never have to worry about messing around without any covers or cords when you need to use them—which can be critical if a storm hits and you suddenly need to stay out of the basement. Almost all modern backup generators run extremely quietly, and because these devices are wired directly to your electrical panel, they are also safer (i.e. no threat of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be a risk if your portable generator is not set up correctly). So what is the downside of a backup generator? Ultimately, it just comes down to cost. These devices are great at providing reliable, long-lasting power, but they are also a significantly larger investment than portable generators (even if that investment is in your family’s safety).

The Best Generators for a Range of Homes

Whether you decide to install a portable or backup generator, you’re guaranteed to get an industry-leading make and model with Pro Energy Solutions. We offer equipment from industry-leading brands like Honeywell and Generac that is designed to last for years to come. When you call our electricians for New Jersey generator installation, we will assess the needs of your home, offering you a free quote on the option we feel best suits your needs. Our technicians will then provide complete generator set-up, depending on whether you have selected a backup or portable appliance. We can even help you test your new generator, because we are committed to achieving 100% satisfaction on every installation.

Don’t Wait to Get the Generator of Your Dreams

With human beings more reliant on the grid than ever before, it’s always a good idea to call Pro Energy Solutions for generator installation or replacement. After over a decade of delivering customer satisfaction to the people of New Jersey, you can trust us to meet your every home comfort need. We’re even available 24/7, in case you need emergency service!
Call Pro Energy Solutionsfor generator installation today, and you’ll get:
Call Pro Energy Solutions now at 855-518-4822, or contact us online to request a free estimate.

New Jersey Electrical Charger Installations

Energy-Efficient Solutions

The number of electrical cars these days is on the rise, and so is the need for electrical charging stations. At Pro Energy Solutions, we understand that owning an electric car can be difficult if you don’t have a charging station at home. We never want you to have to drive around searching for a station, only to have to sit and wait for it to charge up. Luckily, our electricians have extensive experience with installing residential electric charger stations. This means, you can plug your car in at home and wake up to a fully charged car!
Our electrical charger services in New Jersey include:
Going green shouldn’t have to be a burden, which is why we are here to make owning an electric car easy. Once you upgrade to an eco-friendly car, let us help you with creating a convenient charger station. Our highly trained service professionals are here to make your journey to energy efficiency easier. Thanks to our vast knowledge of these systems, advanced tools, and access to leading brands in the industry, we provide unparalleled installations.
Give us a call at 855-518-4822 to schedule electric car charger installation in New Jersey.

New Jersey Panel Upgrades

Providing Safe & Reliable Access to Power

Many older homes are not fully equipped to handle the electrical needs of modern-day families. A lot of energy is used to power countless electrical appliances in a house every day. Sometimes, the power supply is interrupted as it is simply incapable of keeping up with all of these appliances. If you find that your electrical panel doesn’t adequately support the electrical needs of your household, you need Pro Energy Solutions. When you call on us for a service change, we will upgrade your circuits and panels to better support your electrical needs.
Call our New Jersey panel upgrade professionals at 855-518-4822 or message us online to learn more about our services.

Signs You Need a Panel Upgrade

An old, malfunctioning panel can create serious problems, including residential fires. It is important to pay attention to your electrical system and be aware of any potential problems, so you know when it’s time to call in for help. Your electrical panel might need to be examined and upgraded if you have to turn off one appliance in order to use another, your lights flicker, your breakers trip often, your panel makes crackling sounds, your appliances don’t run at full power, your circuit breakers are rusty, or your electrical panel feels warm.
If you notice any of the signs listed, it’s time to call in a team of professional electricians.

Our Services

When you call on us, our service professionals will carefully inspect your electrical panel to determine if it is time for an upgrade. Having undergone extensive training, you can count on us to provide safe and effective electrical service, every time.
Our panel upgrade services in New Jersey include:
As your electrical needs change, we are here to help ensure that your home is able to provide a safe, constant, reliable, uninterrupted supply of power.
Call 855-518-4822 or message us online to schedule service. We look forward to hearing from you!

Rebates Available

Did you know you could receive incentives based on the type of equipment you install in your home?

Call Pro Energy Solutions or visit our Rebates page for more information.

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