How To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

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Winter is approaching! And with the drop in temperatures, we are all switching out our spring and fall wardrobes for something a bit warmer. Just as we need a little extra insulation during the winter months, so does your home. From moving the hot cocoa to the front of your pantry to replacing your sneakers at the front door with your best waterproof boots, changes are made.

So, to prepare your home, you’ll need to check-in and make sure these systems are ready for the chilly nights ahead—the last thing you want is to be curled up on your couch, pressing play on your favorite holiday film, to then encounter a heating or plumbing malfunction.

Here’s what you need to do to get your home in shape for winter:

Winterizing Plumbing Tips

Insulate Your Pipes

As temperatures plummet, insulation becomes paramount. And not just for your home. Your pipes require insulation to guard against freezing. Especially since freezing pipes can lead to serious plumbing problems down the line, as the water expands when it freezes your pipes can actually burst as a result.

To make sure you are prepared, purchase insulation tubes to wrap around the exterior of your plumbing pipes. Start with pipes that run in unheated areas of your home like your basement or attic, as these are more susceptible to freezing over.

Keep Your Faucets Dripping

If temperatures are going to take a serious dip, allow your faucets to drip overnight. Allowing water to remain flowing in your systems will release the pressure that can build-up due to the decrease in temperature. And if they do freeze, they are less likely to burst! If you are worried about waste, place a bowl in your sink and use the collected water to feed your plants!

Disconnect Your Hose

When it comes to outdoor water sources, these should all be closed down for winter. From your hose to your decorative fountain, they all need to be drained and disconnected from your water supply. This will protect them from damages.

Leave Your Kitchen Cabinets Ajar

Opening your kitchen cabinets will allow your heated air to reach the pipes laying behind these built-ins. The same goes for bathroom cabinetry! This will keep these plumbing networks from freezing!

Preparing Your Heating System

Change Your Air Filters

This is a common maintenance protocol that should be completed each month, not just during the winter season! Replacing your air filters will ensure your system is able to efficiently and effectively remove dust and other compromising airborne particles from your air before it enters your space. Not to mention, clean air filters won’t obstruct airflow, so your heat will be delivered with gusto!

Inspect Your Insulation

Your heating system can only do so much if you have poor insulation. The insulation that lays within your walls must be intact to keep your warm air in and cool air out. You will want to have your insulation inspected if you are feeling that your home is not maintaining a stable temperature, it may be old or deteriorated and in need of replacement.

Apply Weather stripping

If you notice air leaks in your home, typically found around windows and doors, apply weather stripping to better insulate your space. This should repair any drafts due to imperfections in your door or window sealings!

Schedule Winter Maintenance

Your heating system should be checked out by a professional before the winter season kicks into high gear. It is best to have your system looked at before you encounter a major malfunction, as small repairs can typically prevent such an occurrence in the first place! That way, your winter nights are left to what matters most—family.

For your plumbing and heating services, contact Pro Energy Solutions at (800) 704-7340. We are here to help you get your home ready for winter!

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