EEK! What Are Those Spooky Sounds Coming From My Furnace?

Witcher cauldron with color smoke for Halloween

Double double toil and trouble, furnace screech, and cauldron bubble! It is the spooky season, and even though we all love cuddling up for a horror film, the extent of our frights should be kept to our television viewings and holiday decor. So, if you start hearing strange bumps in the night… and they aren’t coming from your television set—your furnace may be the culprit.

When your furnace malfunctions, strange sounds can begin to emanate from your appliance. From ghoulish groans to creepy crackling, each sound has its own meaning. And, we here at Pro Energy Solutions are going to translate them for you today:

Scaring Screeching

If you hear screeching sounds coming from your furnace, your heating system is trying to tell you that your motor may be malfunctioning. This screeching noise results from a worn bearing. Simply replace this system part with an upgrade, and your chilling soundtrack should cease to bother.

Petrifying Popping And Pinging

Luckily, popping and pinging noises are not cause for concern. These sounds, albeit alarming, are oftentimes linked to air ducts. When your air ducts expand and contract from pressure changes, which can result from temperature changes or shifts in the volume of air passing through your network, they can pop and ping! Don’t let these spook you, your system is fine!

Eerie Whining

Whining sounds are extremely worrisome. As soon as you hear your system calling out for help, have a professional HVAC technician come inspect your unit as soon as possible! Your motor mount may be loose.

Creepy Crackling

When your furnace shuts down, the heating mechanisms need to cool off. This process can cause crackling sounds! This is simply your system cooling down, so no need to be creeped out—your heating network is not malfunctioning!

Blood-curdling Booming

If you have a basement, and it is unheated, furnace booming is not unlikely, especially in the winter when colder temperatures set in. This booming may just be your air ducts contracting from the drop in temperature. However, booming can also signify that your furnace’s burners are dirty! Have a heating technician come evaluate your furnace to make sure your system is working properly and is well-maintained!

For your furnace services this Halloween season, contact Pro Energy Solutions at (800) 704-7340! We are here to make sure your home is heated for the holidays!

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