Why Shouldn’t I Use Chemical Household Cleaners?


Ah, one of the most contemplated household questions: are chemical household cleaners bad to use? While reports circulate confirming that yes, these household cleaners may be doing more harm than good, the most common question to follow is “why?” Well, it has to do with your indoor air quality; we’re here to explain:

How Do My Cleaning Products Affect My IAQ?

Contaminating the Air

This may seem straightforward, but household cleaners (among other things) affect the air you breathe inside your home. From VOCs to fragrant products, these items are releasing chemicals into the air, further damaging your indoor air quality.


VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, are released from many things that you can find in your home like fresh paint, air fresheners and cooking on non-stick pans — but they are also released from household cleaners.

But VOCs don’t just come from those products alone, they’re also found in the air we breathe outside as well.

However — they’re more prevalent indoors, which is a concern. Don’t get us wrong, outdoor VOCs are harmful, but when VOCs are in a confined, indoor space, they can cause a series of health concerns like dizziness, eczema, and headaches — and in some cases, more serious conditions.


Some products contain fragrances — and, while these seem enticing and do smell good, the chemicals they release can negatively affect your health. This is because the fragrances can act as irritants, polluting the air in your home, due to their chemical composition.

I Need to Improve My IAQ, Now What?

While chemical cleaning agents are harmful and affect your indoor air quality, this doesn’t leave you helpless. Our Pro Energy Solutions team can help rid your air of airborne pollutants by installing an air purification system.

To learn more about these systems or to make an appointment, contact us at (800) 704-7340.

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