Shocking Sources That Cause Bad Indoor Air Quality


Your home is your sacred place — it’s the spot where you feel most comfortable and safe. But, what happens when you find out that there are pollutants within your living space that are affecting your indoor air quality?

Well, have no fear! We’re here to outline those contaminants so that you’re more aware of the sources of poor IAQ you need to be on the lookout for.

What’s Harming My Indoor Air Quality?

Carpets and Paint

There’s nothing more fun (or stressful) than refurbishing your humble abode! While you’re adding a new, comfy carpet and putting those finishing touches on your last coat of paint, you may notice some fumes coming from your new additions.

Due to carpeting’s padding and adhesive glue, this may make your family members prone to rashes and irritated skin. However, old carpets can have the same effect, too. With family members coming in and out of the house, there tends to be areas where the carpet sees more foot-traffic than others. Furthermore, these areas are infested with dirt, dust, pet dander, hair and other contaminants — which is a sure way to fire-up anyone’s allergies.

Paint, on the other hand, releases VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the air that can cause dizziness, coughing, and respiratory problems.

Arts and Crafts

The tools used to release your child’s imagination may be harming your IAQ. Paints, markers and glues contain toxins — so, to be safe, move these projects outdoors to get some fresh air! Now that warm weather is in the progress of arriving, outdoor crafting makes for the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine while your child releases their inner artist!

Also, keep this in mind: when you go to complete your next DIY project, carefully look at the materials you will be using (they may have contaminants that will bog down your indoor air quality). If anything may raise concern, then it may be a good idea to join the kids outside for some family crafting fun.


Your beloved four-legged family members can, unfortunately, play a part in bringing down the air quality in your home. Pets shed dander, just as we humans do. But, oftentimes, people are allergic to pet dander — and when it builds up in your air vents or is trapped in your carpet fibers, one wrong step on the rug, or turning on the central air conditioner, can send these particles airborne, causing allergy-like symptoms.

Has Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Seen Better Days?

Our New Jersey technicians are ready to rid your home of these toxins by installing an air purifier in your humble abode. Call Pro Energy Solutions at (800) 704-7340 to make an appointment today.

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