How to Tell if Your Thermostat is Causing Your AC Problem


Signs Your Thermostat is Causing Your AC Problem

Unfortunately, there’s a chance that your central air conditioning system will fail when you least expect it (and it’s usually on the hottest day of the year, too). However, while many homeowners might jump to the conclusion that there’s a problem with the central cooling units themselves, their thermostats might be causing the issue at hand.

If you’re running into these common performance issues with your central air conditioner, your thermostat may be the culprit:

Short Cycles

If you notice that your central air conditioner is short cycling, chances are the issue is stemming from your thermostat. A temperature controlling device with dust and dander within it can cause the problem — but it’s a simple fix: gently follow the instructions to open it and clean it.

Another potential problem that causes short cycling is that your thermostat isn’t sitting level with the wall. In this case, it’s best to call in a professional to assess the situation and have it repaired right away.

Desired Temperature Can’t be Reached

Do you feel that no matter how much you fumble with your home’s thermostat, it will never reach the desired temperature you’re looking for? While this may seem like a rare coincidence, it’s a common problem found in most homes across the country.

As it turns out, there’s a possibility that your thermostat was installed incorrectly — meaning it’s located in a bad area. Typically, thermostats should be placed in areas not located near windows, doors that lead outside, and spots where direct sunlight can hit them.

If your thermostat is exposed to these elements, it may have difficulty navigating to the desired temperature. Luckily, to resolve this issue, your HVAC technician will be able to relocate the device in your home — and things should be as good as new!

Central Air Conditioning Services in New Jersey

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