How to Help Your Central AC Thrive on the Hottest Days

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Central Air Conditioning Hacks to Know

Central cooling systems — where would we be without them? And while they’re able to keep you as cool as an ice cube on the hottest of New Jersey summer days, they can also increase your energy bill if you do not use them wisely.

Case in point, here are some central air conditioning “hacks” that all homeowners should be aware of:

Keep Blinds Shut During the Day

If you’re tempted to open up the blinds on a blistering, sunny summer’s day, you may want to rethink that choice. Unfortunately, when you invite the sun’s powerful rays to pour into your home, not only will they illuminate it, but they’ll also heat it. This, of course, will cause your central air conditioner to go into overdrive to combat the warmth.

In a conscious effort to lessen the chance of this from happening, consider keeping all blinds, curtains, and other forms of window treatments closed during the day (especially in rooms that get pelted with the most direct sunlight). This will help keep your home cool and comfortable and help your central air conditioner work much more effectively and efficiently.

Use Your Ceiling Fan to Maximize Comfort

Are you looking to help your central air conditioner out? If so, consider changing the rotation of your ceiling fan’s blades from clockwise to counterclockwise! Doing so will help pull cold air down and circulate it throughout the room the ceiling fan is in! This will allow you to increase your thermostat by 4 degrees — which can help save in the long run.

Look into Your Air Conditioner’s Energy-Efficient Settings

Believe it or not, many newer models of central air conditioning systems offer energy-efficient settings that will not only keep you cool but will help save money in the process. To make sure you complete this without a hitch, locate your air conditioner’s user manual or search for a digital copy online. Once you find the ideal setting, switch over to it and begin to save.

Clear the Area Around Your Condenser

If you haven’t done so already in the spring, now is the time to clear the area around your outdoor condenser unit. For most homeowners, this is located on the side of their humble abodes. Unfortunately, that said, there’s a chance your condenser might have a hard time “breathing” due to brush, foliage, and any other natural elements growing around it.

While your air conditioner is off, give your condenser a visit and see if any obstructions may hinder its performance. If there are, begin to clear them away to create a decent amount of “breathing room” for your unit. By doing this, you’ll help your unit work much more efficiently.

Central Air Conditioning Services in New Jersey

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