How Duct Cleaning Affects Your Heating Efficiency


When it comes to your air ducts, it’s best to think of them as a highway, freeway, or road. They are the pathways (or streets) in which your controlled air travels! Now just as on any road, if there are obstructions, traveling from point A to point B takes longer. The same goes for your air ducts. Here are the main reasons why duct cleaning is essential to your home heating efficiency:

Lowering Energy Consumption

When your air ducts have dirt and debris build-up, your airflow becomes restricted causing your heating system to work harder and longer to accomplish your heating efforts. With the extra work that goes into regulating your indoor temperature, your system will demand a higher than normal amount of energy in order to complete a full heating cycle. This will result in higher energy bills as well. Ridding your ductwork of accumulating clogs will ensure this phenomenon does not occur and will lower your energy usage!

Increasing Airflow

If there is a lot of traffic on your way to work, it takes you much longer to arrive at your destination. The same is true for air in dirty ducts. If your air has to dodge clogs and blockages, it will take longer for your air to reach your home, not to mention it will come in at a decreased rate. When air ducts are not free of debris, your airflow will become impeded. This will result in reduced heating satisfaction while costing you more in operational costs. This is a lose-lose situation. Make sure you schedule duct cleaning if you notice weak airflow coming from your air vents.

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