Fall Home Maintenance Checklist


As the fall months are right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how we’re going to transfer from the summer to fall seamlessly. Sometimes this can take an abundance of work. There are plenty of things that need to be taken care of as the chillier months approach. So, to make this easier, we developed a checklist for you to refer to!

How Should I Prepare My Home For the Fall Months?

Check Your Furnace

You don’t want to get stuck in the colder months without a properly working furnace. Make sure your furnace doesn’t have soot and that the pilot light is working properly. A professional can give your furnace a full check, including the above, checking for leaks, and changing out the filters. Before you even do these steps, take into consideration how old your furnace is. If your furnace is more than 15-year-olds, it probably needs to be replaced before the season starts.

Insulate Pipes

It’s important to prepare your pipes for freezing temperatures. Although the winter months may seem far off, it’s still crucial to think ahead. You don’t want to forget to insulate your pipes and then, worst-case scenario, have a burst pipe that could damage your home.

Drain Outdoor Plumbing

Although it may not be time to take this step yet, remember to turn off your outdoor plumbing (spigots and sprinklers). As your pipes will burst in freezing temperatures, so will your outdoor hoses and pipes if they’re full of water. So, take that extra step to drain your hose, turn off your outdoor sprinklers, because it’s more expensive to replace these items than taking this extra step.

Maintain Your HVAC Unit

Now that your AC has done its job all summer long, it’s time to give it a well-needed rest and have it maintained. Doing this will keep your air conditioner in pristine condition for the next summer season. Once it’s maintained, be sure to winterize your unit by covering it to keep any weather from damaging it.

Are You Ready to Get Your Home into Fall Mode?

While you prepare to take the next steps for this upcoming season, be sure to check off all of these tips to survive the year. If you need help to get ready, contact our Pro Energy Solutions team at (800) 704-7340.

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