4 DIY Solutions for Drafty Windows


No one likes a drafty window, but few may not know how to solve this problem without fully replacing a window. Thankfully, our home comfort experts are bringing their top tips to combat and solve your drafty window problems.

How to Check for Drafts

If you’ve wondered if you have drafty windows but aren’t sure how to be 100% sure, try the incense test! Simply light a stick of incense or a bundle of sage and walk it around your doors and windows. The trail of smoke should stay consistently in one direction. If it suddenly changes direction in front of a window, you probably have a draft.

How to Stop a Draft

So you have a drafty window. Thankfully, there are many options to take care of this problem in varying levels of permanence:

  • Snake sock method. You may have seen this used on doors in the past, but it works on windows too! Simply fill a long sock with beans or rice and place it in front of a draft to block the cold air from seeping in.
  • Invest in curtains. Insulated curtains pack comfort and style into one solution. The heavier fabric will stop cold air from coming in past your windows and keep your home warmer.
  • Weatherstripping. You can buy weatherstripping sealant at any home goods or hardware store for a simple DIY solution to drafty windows.
  • Window insulation. Another simple DIY approach to sealing drafty windows: insulating film! Simply apply the clear cling to your window and use a heat source like a hairdryer to seal the edges down and block a cold draft.

There are many ways to seal your windows and block drafts temporarily, but eventually, you’ll want to replace the windows and negate the problem entirely. When you’re ready to take the next step to secure your home’s comfort and energy efficiency, contact Pro Energy Solutions!

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