3 Ways You May Be Harming Your IAQ Without Knowing It

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Did you know the average American spends approximately 90% of their life indoors? Thanks to the pandemic, we’re feeling that percentage more than ever. Here are some easy ways to keep your home’s IAQ clean and keep your family breathing healthy all year long!

How to Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Pure

Many homeowner actions (or inactions) directly affect our home’s air quality. Keep these tips in mind as you complete your autumn home chores and set your winter up for comfort!

Dust and Vacuum Regularly

Dust surfaces regularly to reduce your exposure to allergens. Be sure to use a microfiber cloth while dusting as paper towels or regular cloth just redistribute particles into your air supply. Vacuuming regularly removes allergens such as pet dander, pest particles, and other particulates from your home.

Increase Ventilation

When was the last time you opened the windows? Recirculating the same air throughout your home also recirculates and adds to airborne contaminants.

Open the windows on nice autumn days and use ventilation fans while cooking to keep your indoor air pure and fresh!

Ditch Artificial Fragrances

It’s heartbreaking, but those seasonal candles we love so much may actually be harming our indoor air quality. Many candles are made from paraffin wax which burns off and leaves volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air.

Opt for an essential oil diffuser or candles made from soy or beeswax for a more natural and IAQ-friendly way to rid your home of odors.

Pure, fresh air is essential for anyone who suffers from allergy or asthma symptoms, but everyone benefits from fresh air. Keep your air pure and clean with indoor air quality solutions from Pro Energy Solutions! Contact our team online or by phone at (800) 704-7340 to learn more.

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